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Switchback Press was created with the fiction author in mind, to share the power of publishing, and embrace the story in all of us. We exist to publish quality novels that make a difference. We have been through the frustrating process of self- publishing and found it lacking the personal touch. We had questions and needed guidance. None was there. So, we created this Switchback Press to make it easier for authors like you to see your creation published. Your ideas. Your words. Your results. We will guide you through the publishing process, answer your questions, and mentor. If you are successful, we are successful.

Everything we do is geared to help you publish your novel and maximize the success of every title we publish.

We take it a step further. Before your book is published you need to begin the marketing process. This will help generate sales. Here at Switchback Press we guide you through the entire process.


Your coach will help you design an author's platform and develop a marketing and sales strategy.

Switchback Press is different.

Let's talk. See for yourself.

NOTE: Switchback Press is NOT accepting submissions or reviewing manuscripts at this time!​